Audio Guestbook Phone Booth

Introducing our new audio guestbook phone booth! A unique and simple way for your guests to leave you messages on your special day! Simply pick up the phone and leave a message after the beep!

Audio Guestbook Phone Box:

Introducing our extraordinary audio guestbook, a modern twist on the traditional guestbook that will make your wedding day truly unforgettable.

Instead of having your guests write on a blank page, our audio guestbook allows your guests to leave personalized voice messages, capturing their well-wishes, heartfelt advice, and funny anecdotes. All in their own voice, with their own mannerisms and emotions.

Our audio guestbook phone booths are an interactive and engaging way for your loved ones to express themselves and become an integral and lasting part of your special day. You too can create lasting memories with our audio guestbook experience!


Our Exclusive Introductory Offer:

Don't miss out on our exclusive introductory offer for all-day and night audio guestbook hire at just £349 (travel fee may apply). This comprehensive package includes:

  • The Big phone box!
  • Neon "Oh Hello" sign
  • Audio Guestbook telephone for recording messages
  • Instructions frame inside the booth
  • Lanterns and candles to set the mood
  • Easel with Audio Guestbook display
  • USB with audio recordings delivered to you after the event
  • 2x Floral displays

The Benefits of an Audio Guestbook Telephone Booth:

The Unique Factor:

Rather than a traditional guest book, include the audio guest book telephone box as a creative alternative or addition. Place it in a prominent area at your wedding venue to give guests the WOW factor, along with our instructions signage on how to use it.

The Fun Factor:

The audio guest book telephone box can serve as a great form of entertainment during your wedding reception. Guests can take turns visiting the booth and leaving messages, which can create an enjoyable activity that sparks conversations and laughter. It can be a memorable experience for both the guests and the couple, as they listen to the heartfelt and sometimes hilarious drunken messages from later on in the night.

Interactive Games:

Incorporate the audio guest book telephone box as part of a larger interactive guest activity. For example, you can create a "Wedding Wishes" game, where guests are given a set of fun prompts or questions to answer in their recordings. This can include things like sharing their favourite memory of the couple, giving marriage advice, or recounting a funny story involving the bride and groom. The couple can then listen to these recordings together after the wedding, making for a good laugh after the wedding. Let us know what greeting message you would like recorded on the telephone.

Reserve Your Audio Guestbook Phone Booth Today!

If you're ready to add a touch of uniqueness to your wedding day, don't hesitate to reach out and secure your audio guestbook experience. Our calendar fills up quickly, so make sure to check our availability as soon as possible. Let us help you create lasting memories with our extraordinary audio guestbook. Your wedding day deserves the magic and personal touch that only our audio guestbook can provide.

Contact us today to see if we have availability on your big day!