Dance Floor Hire Business

Having a dance floor hire business like ours here at Sterling's can take your event to the next level! Whether it be a wedding, a birthday, a prom party or any other event, utilising the services of a dance floor hire business can make your event even better! Our light-up dance floors are a fantastic addition that improves the venue and décor of your event while assisting visitors in having a wonderful time at your party!

A dance floor hire business is beneficial for whatever type of event you are planning since we can be utilised for commercial and promotional events as well, like the introduction of a new product or a classy conference presentation. Whatever the type of event - we’ve got the services for you.

What Does Our Dance Floor Hire Business Include?

At Sterling's Photobooths, we will also put up and take down the dance floor for you. We also provide free delivery within ten miles of our location. You can avoid any tension on the day of your event from us doing the set-up hours before and the dismount the day after! Included in our box of illuminated letters are also:

  • Cleaning services for dance floors
  • Numerous layouts and colours are available for your selection.
  • Effective and secure apparatus, thoroughly inspected, and backed by £5 million in public liability insurance
  • Service and delivery quality

How A Dance Floor Hire Business Can Help

Selecting the ideal dance floor for your party might be a little challenging with our extensive range of available options. For an estimated idea, you can check the size of the venue and the amount you intend to spend. Our Sterlings team can then assist you in picking the best dance floors for your specifications.

Our Dance Floor Hire Business Prices

Whatever the type of event or size of venue, check out our dance floor hire business prices. If you are interested and want to find out more or let us know about your specifications, enquire now!

10ft x 10ft starlit dance floor

£250 + VAT / Day

12ft x 12ft starlit dance floor

£300 + VAT / Day

14ft x 14ft starlit dance floor

£350 + VAT / Day

16ft x 16ft starlit dance floor

£400 + VAT / Day

18ft x 18ft starlit dance floor

£450 + VAT / Day

20ft x 20ft starlit dance floor

£500 + VAT / Day

22ft x 22ft starlit dance floor

£550 + VAT / Day

Our Other Services

As well as our dance floor hire business, we also offer a range of other party services that can elevate your party! These include:

We also provide party packages for parties and weddings, that include a bundle of our services that can match your specific party/wedding themes. If you want to find out more or enquire about any of these services, then get in touch with us today! We are happy to advise you and ensure your next event is exactly how you envision it.


At the heart of all we do is customer satisfaction and we want you to not only love the booth as much as we do but also let it be the first memory you have of your event. We have outstanding 5-star reviews on our Facebook page and Google so if you’re still unsure go over to them to see what our customers have to say about us - they speak for themselves.