Magic Mirror Hire. What Are The Benefits?

If you are planning to throw a party, be it a birthday, a wedding, or a corporate party, a magic mirror hire may be a great addition to entertain your guests. But how does a magic mirror work, and what benefits can you have by hiring one?

What is A Magic Mirror?

A magic mirror is a highly customisable open photo booth. It can – and it will – entertain your guests by being easy to interact with, and it comes with loads of props that can match your party theme and style!

A magic mirror is a great addition to any party, by being easy installation and does not require big empty spaces. Just make sure to hire a reliable service, that will offer you high-quality service and will not upset you on an important date!

Magic mirror hire in birthday party

Benefits Of A Magic Mirror Hire

Apart from the obvious fun and high levels of entertainment that a magic mirror hire can bring to your party, there are many other benefits that you may not have knowledge of. Therefore, Sterlings Photobooths have selected some of its benefits to help you to decide if they will be the right choice for you:

  • Huge choice of props – As well as the original photo booths, you can select a nice range of props to make your magic mirror hire even more exciting. These include wings, glasses, hats, and more!
  • Easy to settle – The set-up and the dismantling of the magic mirror can be done during party hours, with no disruption.
  • Free pictures included – There are no limits of use, and all of them can include a picture for your guests to take home, as well as duplicate prints when needed.
  • Social media uploads – Nowadays, having a photo in hands is the new must, but having the option to include both virtual and physical pictures? Amazing!
  • High-quality prints – This benefit say to itself. Having good quality prints is essential so your guests can keep them on their fridge, in a frame, or wherever they want!
  • Customised accordingly to your party theme – The magic mirror hire can be customisable as your party theme, as well as its props and background.
  • Booth attendant – Within the time you have hired a magic mirror, it is essential to have an attendant to help your guests (and you) to have fun with no worries!
  • Affordable price – From only £299,00 per 3 hours, you can have this amazing add-on to your party!

Magic Mirror Hire

If you do think that a magic mirror hire will be the best choice for your party, contact a reliable service so you can have all the benefits as per above, and make sure you will also enjoy your party!

At Sterlings Photobooths, we can offer you all the above benefits, together with amazing customer service. We can also help your party to be unique even more unique and memorable with the addition of other entertainment services such as light-up dance floors and light-up letters and numbers. Contact us for more information.

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