Photo Booth Hire For Weddings


Photo Booth Hire For Weddings

Here at Sterling’s Photo Booths, we provide photo booth hire for weddings to add a fun touch to an already unforgettable day! Photo Booths have become a quirky and interactive addition to many weddings in recent years, and with Sterling’s Booths, we provide a trustworthy and professional service that captures your special day perfectly that gets all your guests involved!

Memories to cherish forever

The potential of photo booths to record priceless memories on your wedding day is what makes them so unique. Adding a photo booth to your wedding allows guests to have unrestrained fun in addition to the customary formal images shot by professional photographers.

They provide your guests with the freedom to act organically and dress up with various props, like wigs, enormous glasses, and inflatable champagne bottles. A photo booth hire for a wedding enables you to take funny pictures that you may look back on in the future, whether your guests are older people, or they are kids who want to pose in silly masks.

Personalised photo booths

For photo booth hire for weddings, we’ve got you covered. The enclosed booth enables visitors to draw the curtain and be as funny as they choose while keeping in mind that all photographs are taken, including some that they may wish you to conceal.

We even go a step further by allowing you to select the colour and theme of the booth's curtains to fit the decor of your wedding. In addition to that, we also provide customised print designs. Can many other businesses guarantee the same level of commitment as we do when we spend hours upon hours on every event to make sure it's great for you?

Reasons to hire a photo booth for weddings

Alongside humorous props and its ability to get all guests, regardless of age, involved in some wedding fun, there is a wide range of reasons why you should look at photo booth hire for your wedding!

Comedy Gold

What could be more fun than seeing your grandma in a Rod Stewart wig holding a giant, inflatable banana whilst your grandad has a huge horse head-on? Alongside this, there will be some of your visitors who won't want to dance, and that's okay. When you choose to hire a photo booth for your wedding, they are fantastic at enticing family members and friends who aren't dancing to let loose and have fun.


There are already going to be unforgettable memories made at a wedding, but photo booths allow for those imperfect moments, which in turn, is where the fun memories are made. What’s also great is that guests get to all take a copy home and have digital versions to upload to their social media pages.

Quality prints

We take great satisfaction in the support we give to our clients, which includes the cutting-edge photo booth gear we have. We use a DSLR camera to capture the images, allowing for quick, high-quality prints that are touch dry.


Wedding photo booths are less expensive than you might think. Since they aren't overly expensive and offer amusement, photo booths are a good investment. In addition to prints and the album, you also receive digital copies of all the images.


The photo booth should be the last thing on your mind on your special day. But don't worry, we watch over the photo booth the entire evening to make sure every single picture makes it into your albums, and everything goes as planned. In some cases, we may even be able to set up the photo booth early in the day to prevent interfering with your guests' enjoyment of the evening.

About us at Sterling’s Photo Booths

As a family-run company, we recognise the value of client happiness. We have built our own company to reflect our own ideals and preferences when it comes to photo booth hires for weddings after having had our fair share of unsatisfactory photo booth experiences.

Our company expanded as a result of years of hard work and the success of our picture booths. We now have our photo booths, magic mirrors, light-up letters and dance floors, the ideal complement to your wedding that can manage the enjoyment to relieve your tension on your significant wedding day.

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For photo booth hires for weddings, choose Sterling’s Photo Booths! We have a dedicated and experienced team that will be on hand to not only provide a 5-star service but also produce high-quality prints and props to create memories that you will treasure forever!

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