The Best Photobooth Props

Our Guide to the Best Photo Booth Props for Perfect Pictures

We have compiled a guide to help you choose the best photo booth props available to make your photos amazing, and your event memorable!

Planning an event can be stressful. Whether you’re planning a wedding, birthday party, prom, anniversary, retirement, engagement party, baby shower, or corporate event. You may have decided to include one of our light up letters, dance floors, magic mirrors, or even photo booths to make your evening memorable.

Then comes the moment when you realise that you need to supply props to help inspire your guests’ photos. Props are a fun way to add personality, creativity, and festivity to your photos. Additionally, they can help your guests feel more comfortable and relaxed in front of the photo booth camera. But what should you use?

The Classic Photo Booth Props


Hats are the most classic prop, that never goes out of style. Whether you’re using a top hat, cowboy hat, princess crown, or pirate hat, they always add instant fun to your photos. If you’re looking to get into character or simply inspire easy fun in your more grumpy/stubborn guests, then a classic hat is the best photo booth prop to start with!

Photo Booth Props


Another tried and true method is to utilise glasses in your photos. Bonus points if you have oversized glasses for your event. Novelty glasses can come in all sorts of wacky designs, sizes and styles. Whether you are looking for nerdy glasses, supermodel sunglasses, or even themed glasses, they will be sure to add humour and playfulness into your photos!

Photo Booth Selfie with photo booth props


Wigs can be a fun and easy way to get your guests to utilise photo booth props at your event! You can recreate your favourite characters, throw in some pops of neon colour, or even have a few laughs with a bald cap. Wigs are a classic photo booth prop to totally transform your guests!


Masks can be a fantastic way to spice up your pictures with a little mystery and intrigue. You can use themed masks, animal face masks, or a classic masquerade mask, for that added drama to your pictures.

Looking For More Unique Photo Booth Props?


Boas are a fun and colourful prop that can add a lot of drama and flair to your photos. They’re perfect for events like New Year’s Eve parties, bachelorette parties, or any other event where you want to add some glitz and glamour to your photos.

Inflatable Photo Booth Props

Inflatable props like guitars, microphones, and even giant doughnuts will definitely add humour and playfulness to your photo booth photos. No one can easily resist the call of singing their favourite songs into a microphone or playing their favourite guitar solo. What better photo booth moments to capture than these fantastic prop shots?

Group Photo with Inflatable Banana in Photo Booth

Signs and Photo Booth Props on Sticks

Signs and props on sticks are a great way to add some variety and customization to your photos. They can also be customised to define your event and create unique and memorable photos! You can achieve this with speech bubbles, moustaches, or even custom signs with your company/school branding or an event hashtag!

What to Consider Before You Decide On Your Photo Booth Props?

Consider Your Guests/Audience: Props can be a fantastic way to bring personality to your event’s photos. What you don’t want to do is insult/offend/exclude anyone when you pick them. What might be appropriate for an engagement party or hen night, will not be appropriate for a prom. You want to stay age appropriate and consider your accessibility. Can all your guests lift and utilise your photo booth props?

Consider Your Theme: Are you having a themed event? Consider what props would make or break your party! A selection of monocles, fake money, and oversized dice could make your gambling-themed evening. Whereas a sci-fi laser blaster at a Greek God or pirate-themed party would break the theme of your event.

Consider Your Environment: If you are planning an outdoor event for your photo booth, you might want to consider weather-resistant props. Ice sculptures may melt, but inflatable guitars may blow away in the wind. If you are planning an indoor event, consider your space, a 15ft tall dinosaur prop may not fit in your event space.

Mr and Mrs Smith Photo Card using photo booth props

Contact Us as Your Photo Booth Specialists Today!

At Sterling’s Photo Booths, we can provide you with a huge selection of photo booth props for your guests to mess around with. As well as using them for your own fun to take selfies with. From the classic big glasses to horse heads, we have got you covered when it comes to props! All of these are available free of charge when you book one of our packages!

You can let us know in advance if you have any specific props in mind, or bring your own props to the event! All of our props at Sterling’s Photo Booths are cleaned and disinfected after each event to ensure they are kept pristine and fresh for next time.

So, when you’re planning your next event with our photo booths, be sure to consider some of these photo booth prop ideas to take your photos to the next level!

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