Valentines Day? Party Time!

Valentines Day? Party Time!

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with your significant other or not, it’s just an excuse for a party! Take your romantic evening to the next level with our party supplies. And who knows you might find your next Valentine.

Starlit Dance Floor

Our Valentine Party Services

Not just a Valentine’s Day party, but any party that you’ve got coming up in the next few months can be elevated by using our selection of party services.

LED Light Up Letter and Number Hire

Hiring our LED light-up letters and numbers can give your event a unique touch. Whether you’re searching for a word, your age, your surname, or your initials, Sterlings Photo Booths can meet your needs. Whatever you choose to light up at your party, the dazzling LED’s will be sure to swoon your guests, and we guarantee that’s not just the romantic time of the year, You can hire our letters for a variety of occasions other than parties. Our LED Light up Letters and Numbers can also help to create the ideal backdrop for photos on your wedding day!

LOVE Light Up Letters

Magic Mirror Hire

Our magic mirror rental, equipped with the newest technology and tools, is ideal for anyone seeking to add a wow factor to their event. Not only does the magic mirror photo booth capture full-length images, but it also lets more people into the picture than the typical enclosed photo booth and provides an equal amount of entertainment. So if you want all your galantine’s in one frame – this is perfect for you!

And if you’re worrying the back of the photo won’t be special enough? Don’t worry! We offer a variety of backdrops that will tastefully go with the concept of your event.

Photo Booth Hire

Nowadays, photo booths are more common than ever and are a must for keeping visitors entertained at any kind of event! They not only give your guests something to do while waiting at the bar or waiting to dance, but they also create lasting memories for them. So to avoid any unhappy couples this Valentines Day, hire a Sterlings photo booth to keep the love in the air and the memories in a frame.

We offer different packages that will allow for special additions such as props, because who doesn’t love props? There is also an array of green screen backgrounds, for those moments where you just want an extra bit of glitter.

photobooth for birthdays and weddings

Our Other Party Services

We also offer LED Dance floor hire and audio guestbook phone boxes. For those moments where you want to slow dance or show your crush your best dance moves, either way, one of our LED Dance floors can help make these even more memorable. And if you are having a wedding then our latest audio guestbook phone box is exactly what you need. An amazing spin on the classic guestbook – you can now record and listen back to messages from your guests. 

Whatever the excuse to party, Valentine’s Day or not, our services here at Sterling’s are enough to make any celebration the greatest! Get in touch with us today if you want to learn more or just want to dive straight into booking with us.

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