How to Make The Most of Your Corporate Event With a Party Photo Booth Hire

Party Photo Booth Hire

A photo booth is a perfect match for a party, whether is a tie-die dinner or a modern fun corporate event. They bring a fun factor and entertainment to any place, also providing memories the guests can take home and remember the day with a smile on their faces!

Why Party Photo Booths Are So Popular?

A party photo booth gives an authentic and unique souvenir to the guests. And by not being an item we have on our daily routine, even though they are very famous nowadays, photo booths bring a unique and fun factor to parties.

Photo booths are usually remembered by older people with nostalgia while seeming like vintage by younger ones, creating memories they will remember for a long time. They are usually personalised accordingly to the party theme, having also nice backgrounds and amazingly fun props for every age and taste!

Discover the best ways to enjoy this experience the most!

Choose props and colours that will match the event theme

Having a souvenir that will match your event theme is essential. Whether it will be glamorous or a cool and modern event, the props will be in all photos and people will remember this moment for a long time – so make sure they will be eye-catching and fun accordingly to the theme.

Pick the best backgrounds

Just like the props, the backgrounds also make a big difference! At Sterling’s Photobooths, we also provide a choice of various green screen backgrounds so your guests can enjoy it the most. They can also match your theme and make sure it will all be blended.

Add it to the perfect location

If you are having a party photo booth, but the location doesn’t have nice traffic, for example near the bar or the toilet way, many people cannot find it. It is also important that there is some space around the photo booth so in case it gets busy – which we all hope it will – the ones enjoying the photo booth can be comfortable while not bothering the ones that are not.

Send your guests digital copies so they can share them on social

Probably most of the guests are connected to social channels and we all know that people love to share their experiences when they are having fun – mostly if they spent a long time getting ready with fancy hairstyles and nice clothes! Don’t hesitate to add this option if it is available for you to hire.

For more details about party photo booth hire or corporate events, get in touch with us. We are more than happy to answer any queries you may have!

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