How to Make The Most of Your Wedding Photo Booth Hire

Great question. How to squeeze every penny of fun out of your photo booth hire?

You’ve paid for it right, so it’s understandable that you’ll want to get your monies worth. In fact, we want you to get your monies worth.

Make sure you use the booth

First rule of fight club, scrap that, first rule of photo booth hire club – Be first in line!

Before you get distracted or dragged off to the dancefloor, ensure you and your partner get a few funny snaps together and then with your nearest and dearest before the night gets away with you.

‘If you don’t use it, you lost it’

Secondly, ever heard the saying “if you don’t use it, you lose it”. We want you to take away with you an album bursting with silly, funny, and memorable photos. And one of the best ways to almost guarantee this is to use it as much as possible yourselves. When family and friends spot you in the photo booth, nine times out of ten they will want to jump right on in there to get some selfie action with the newly married couple.

Ask the DJ

Thirdly, DJ’s can be a photo booths best friend. Picture this… you have spent the last of your wedding budget on your fun wedding photo booth hire only to look over and see it’s empty! Do not panic.

One of the best ways to encourage guests out of their seats and into the booth is call outs from the DJ. Most DJs are helpful and often do this automatically, but it might be worth asking them before the big day to spur guests on if they have not had a photo yet.

And lastly, if for any reason you are limited for space in your wedding venue and can’t quite fit the photo booth in the main room, a great idea is to put signage up pointing guests to where it is. Most venues, if you ask them, will put A4 printed signs up. Alternatively, if we are out of site, DJs again do a great job in putting out call outs reminding them where it is!

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