Top ways to entertain your wedding guests

Are you getting ready for your wedding party? Sterling’s Photobooths have selected some great tips to help you to throw the perfect party with some fab entertainment ideas!

When it comes to a big and important day, expectations can go high, and we don’t want to let anybody be disappointed! Of course, no single thing will entertain 100% of your guests, but this is why, we have selected a nice list of things you can do to entertain your guests – and of no need to mention, yourselves!

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Top Tips to Entertain Your Wedding Guests

Some people may think that adding a fun factor is only for big and expensive parties, but this is not true! From photo booth rental for weddings to hangover kits, we have covered you with great different ideas and alternatives! Check them out:

One of the biggest and greatest ideas, a photo booth rental for a wedding is a must! They bring a fun factor to your party while generating some great souvenirs they can take home. These will entertain from the oldies to the little ones!

wedding photo booth rental

Not just a fun factor that will generate lots of beautiful pics, but light up letters that can complement your decoration and party theme. These can vary from the fiancées’ initials, and words, to the wedding date.

If you will have a DJ or a band, a light Up dance floor can be a great addition! As well as bringing some magical look to the parties, they will encourage guests to shake their skeleton!

You can say a magic mirror is like an open-air style photo booth. As well as the photo booth rentals, the magic mirrors will generate great pictures and souvenirs for your guests, as well as lots of fun!

  • Hangover Kits

If your wedding is going to have some nice drinks, then a hangover kit may be a great idea! You can put it near the way out, and add some paracetamol, water bottles, face wipes, coffee sachet and more!

  • Wedding table games

A wedding table game is a fabulous way to avoid an awkward moment between guests that are at the same table but don’t know each other or have little contact with. These can be small envelopes with questions about the fiancées, bingo, spinning wheels and more! And the best part? They can be handmade!

  • Choreographed First Dance

As part of the cheap, but great ideas, a choreographed first dance can bring much fun as well as break the ice and invite the guests to join the dancefloor right after!

  • Include Your Pets!

If you have a pet that is very friendly and likes a party, then this may be the cutest idea of all! Just make sure you will have someone that will be taking care of your 4 legs friend!

  • Face Painting

We can’t forget about the little ones! If you are going to have lots of kids at your party, then a face painting can be a great ally for both kids and their parents – without mentioning how even more cute they will be looking!

  • Hire a Caricaturist

Together with the items that will both entertain your guests and generate a nice souvenir, the caricaturists are a great idea to include! If there is a more personal souvenir than this, we don’t know it yet!

Light Up and Photo booth Rental for Weddings

At Sterling Photobooths, we offer some great party package hire. These include Magic mirrors, Dance floors, light up letters, and photo booth rental for weddings and other events! So, if you would like to know more about the services we offer, don’t hesitate to contact us!

We can help you to make the perfect wedding happen where everybody will talk about it for years to come!

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