Hired a photographer, why do I need a Party Photo booth?

Hiring a photographer for your party, be it a wedding or a corporate event, is in lots of cases an essential element, and we all know that. However, having a photographer does not make a party photo booth less essential.

Apart from offering amazing pictures, they both offer completely different services and purposes. While a professional photographer can get special moments with beautiful and high-definition pictures, a photo booth hire can bring much more fun!

Party Photo Booth

Benefits of hiring a party photo booth

Fun Factor

Party photo booths bring the fun factor by adding an entertainment value to it. This will help guests to share the moment on their social channels and with loved ones by being a unique and fun memory with lots of options for decorations and props that can match any style!

Physical prints

Different from a photographer, all our guests can get back home with a physical and instant print of their fun moments at your party – and lots of photo booths also have the option to send them a digital version too.


The physical prints can also be a great souvenir for your guests to take home! This will be something they can keep on their fridge door or even on a nice frame where everybody will look back for years to come, making this day even more memorable.

Real and Natural Pictures

Party photo booths can also offer more natural and real pictures. They don’t go through photoshop, and no selection will be made before delivering. The first version is the only one, and this is what makes it so unique!

The guests will also feel more comfortable by creating their moments with friends and family, other than posing for a professional – where sometimes they can get a bit awkward and shy.

Themed entertainment

With props that can match your party theme, a photo booth can also be a way of reassuring your party theme! You can add lots of cute and romantic props for a wedding for example while having dinosaur and adventure props for a kids’ birthday party.

The colour of the photo booth itself can also match your theme and the backgrounds as well, making it even more special!

Party photo booth with Vegas theme

Party Photo Booth Hire

If you would like to hire a photo booth for your party, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Sterlings Photobooths! We can answer any question you may have and help you to make a special day even more special!

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